Motion in Games 2008

June 14-17, 2008

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Organized by

Center of Advanced Gaming and Simulation

in cooperation with NLGD

Workshop Accommodation

The workshop will take place at the Centraal Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Utrecht’s Centraal Museum was founded in 1838, which makes it the oldest municipal museum in the Netherlands. The museum has a large and varied collection of art divided into five departments: old masters, modern art, design, fashion and local history. Among the highlights of the old masters are works by Saenredam, Van Scorel and the Utrecht Caravaggists, including Ter Brugghen and Van Honthorst. The modern art collection provides a broad survey of Dutch visual art of the twentieth century, featuring work by Van Doesburg, Van der Leck and the Magic Realists Koch, Willink and Moesman. The Centraal Museum possesses the world’s largest collection of Rietveld designs and has a permanent exhibition of work by Dick Bruna.

The Centraal Museum is housed in a former medieval cloister. But parts of the building have also served as an orphanage, military stable and a psychiatric hospital. In 1999 the museum was renovated by the architects Stéphane Beel, Lieven Achtergael and Peter Versseput. The museum comprises a series of pavilions around a central courtyard. Wandering around the museum it’s soon apparent that this building is a labyrinth!

Hotel Accommodation

The hotel used by all participants during the workshop is the NH Utrecht. This hotel is situated very near to the train station.

Transporation from hotel to workshop

This transporation is arranged. A bus will pick up all participants at the hotel and bring them to the Centraal Museum. For those missing the bus for some reason, a description of how to get from the hotel (actually the trainstation) to the museum can be found here.


On Sunday we will have dinner at the city castle Oudaen. Located Utrecht's oldest canal, the Oudegracht, is a striking example of a thirteenth century castle: Stadskasteel Oudaen. This special monument has a rich and varied history - knights and powerful patriarchs lived in the castle before it became a home for the elderly in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A thorough restoration of the castle took place from 1984 to 1986, leading to the establishment of a high-class restaurant and conference center offering a multitude of possibilities.

On Monday we will have dinner at De Oude Muntkelder.